How to define the text format for a csv using ODBC Data Sources?

Hello UiPathers,

Need your help with the ODBC Define Format.
I want to define the csv format but when I try to check the Column Name Header and then click on Guess I don’t get the excepted output rather an exception as shown in the screenshot below:


Any ideas on how I can overcome that are welcomed.
Thank you.

Best Regards,
Kakooza Allan Klaus

Hello Kakooza,
From what I understand from the message your issue is like this:
To be able to have column separation in CSV you probably , and also in your language decimal separator for numbers is like this 124,56
The solution, in this case, is to prepare the CSV before adding it to ODBC. My logic is to put a separator for the columns | or ;

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Been boxing with this piece for the last couple of days but still facing the same issue am thinking of using that approach of the splitting the data and reading it separately after combine it but my question is if am to read it into a datatable they’re 700k rows how can split the data

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Hello Kakooza,
Do the Split on file level, not on Datatable.
With Read Text File and Write Text File. Split the files on harddisk and then use ODBC on different files.
Write the result in files and use Append CSV or Append file to merge them.

Thanks @Cristian_Negulescu,

How I can be able to save the final result as a datatable.

And also the microsoft access database engine 2010 resolves the issue of being able to create a ODBC for xls,xlsx and the rest for the 32-bit.