How to define a integer value in EntryMethodParameters in Invoke VBA activity?

When I declare two integer values in the format {10,50}, it was throwing an error. So, how to define the integer values without any error?


Can you try as the following?

New Object() {10,20}


Thanks @Yoichi .

So, how to learn all these type of queries because I’m not from a developer background. I’m from a testing background…
Could you please suggest something?


This is a little special case, because {10,20} style works in Windows-Legacy project as the following.
So, it might be matter of compatibility b/w Windows and Windows-legacy.

First step to solve troubles is understanding error message.
In this case, as it shows unable to convert IEnumerable<object> implicitly, consider to convert to it explicitly or make this required type instance.


Hope this help you.


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Thanks @Yoichi

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