How to create http request to linkedin API


I’m interested to make a http request (json) based robot to query data from linkedin. Intention is to find jobtittles by company, has anyone made something similar, does anyone have somekind of example to share to get started?


Have a look on the REST API of Linkedin.

And add the activity HTTP Request. If you cannot find that activity, add the package WebAPI.Activities.

Hi, yes I know that part but as I’m not exactly a developer I don’t really understand is how to use URN/id to request companies jobtitles to not to get the response like this:
“id”: “1234”,
“owner”: “urn:li:person:-f_Ut43FoQ

but like this
“id”: “-f_Ut43FoQ”,
“localizedFirstName”: “Dwight”,
“localizedLastName”: “Schrute”

Which URL do you use and with which url segments? We need some more info to help you.

Hi, I’m just starting with this and I don’t yet have any better example to share. Just tryin to understand how the request should be composed.

There is I quess pretty good documentation here
but I’m not able to understand it completely. Therefore I asked if someone has some example of this kind of activity.