How to create folder at run time

how to create new folder at run time

Hi @vivekktr,
Can you describe little more? What means to create folder at run time?

if i download the pdf file in web site then how i create folder at run time

Hi @vivekktr
use Create Directory activity.


I think Create Directory activity is what you need :slight_smile:

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how to use the create directory activity to create folder if there is no input option in create directory

i don’t no plz help me

You’ve to specify the full path of the directory to be created.
e.g. “F:\UiPath\MyFolder” —> it’ll create folder named MyFolder in “F:\uipath”

You can just define path here:


If you are using IE then it will give you the prompt to save ,there go with Save As . and then over there do a create directory activity with full path. And your issue is resolved.


You could use Create Directory activity.
Store some dynamic value to a variable and use it when you are creating new Directory and when you are downloading your PDF files.

If this is not clear enough maybe refer to beginner training from Ui Path Academy

plz send me attach file