How to create charts using two column values in excel

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I’m working on creating graphs or charts from values in excel. There are three excels out of which another excel sheet will be created. To create the chart, I should be able to select two rows from this excel as x and y axes. Kindly help

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@Amitha Use macros to create the chart. There is an activity called execute macro in Uipath.

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Hello @gowtham.silla

Could you explain more about the working of execute macros. How to create charts using it when I have two column values in excel.

@tamshi Macros are a feature of Excel using VBA. You would have to create the chart in Excel using VBA which in turn creates a new macro. This macro can then be executed using the Execute Macro activity which would need to live inside the Excel Application Scope activity.

The UiPath bit is easy but you will need to search online for how to create a chart by using a macro in the first instance.

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Thanks for the information @richarddenton. I made my excel sheet macro enabled and could easily run that through UiPath and my problem has been resolved as of now. Only thing is enabling the excel sheet requires human intervention. If there could be a way where by providing the data (suppose two column values in an excel sheet ), one could automatically see a chart, then that could be better.