How to create a password protected zip file


How to create a password protected zip file?
I am able to create a zip file using invoke method as mentioned in Compress files to .zip format. If I could add a password to this zip file or if anyone is aware of the solution to create password protected zip files without using Winzip front end UI menthod would be helpful.


Would be glad to know if such method exists;

Using a third-party zip tool- 7-zip(*free) which supports AES-256 also does the work!


I am looking forward to a solution based on WinZip due to security reasons.


System.IO.Compression does not support passwords (since it’s purpose is not security, but just compression), so I don’t think that will work.
All solutions I’ve encountered require some sort of a 3rd party library.


Thanks for the update.


Hi @igul,
Can you try this ?