How to create a file.bat

  1. Open Notepad.
  2. Enter as below:
    start "" /min "<Full Path of UiRobot.exe>" /file:"<Full Path of .xaml File>"
  3. Save the File with .bat extension.
  4. Double Click on it should run the xaml file than you configured.

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.


thanks for the response,

i’ve founded that i have to write into :
1- full path of location uirobot.exe
2-full path of the Main.xaml location

and i’m using another application they told me that i have to write it into the file so
3- full path of installpath of the application

is that correct because when i double click start.bat a cmd line appear but nothing happen !

thank you,

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I didn’t get this part. What are you trying to achieve?

I am assuming that you have UiPath Robot Installed in your system and You have xaml file that you need to run through .bat file. Is that correct?

Rammohan B.

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i have an existing project they are doing the same as i said , 1,2,3
2- path of main.xaml
3- path of application that i used to extract some data for my project

yeh it’s correct,

Do you mean that your main.xaml includes automation on the application that you are mentioning in 3rd point ?

Rammohan B.

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Hi @ifranity,
Take a look to get some idea from this link


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Exactely !

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In that case you need to make sure that your application is installed and access from the same location that is being provided under your xaml file. It doesn’t have to included in .bat file. Basically for such cases you should have a config file that stores any such location so that when you move your works to any other system for deployment you can just change the path in that config file.

Rammohan B.

Hello RamMohan,
i am too trying with .bat file as you said in ur comment…
start “” /min “<C:\Users\example\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-18.1.4\UiRobot.exe>” /file:“<C:\Users\example\Documents\UiPath\Practice\Main.xaml File>”
is this correct…?
when i tried i am getting this error.
Can you please help me in solving .

Thank you very much

@vinod_sagar Remove ‘<’ & ‘>’ from within those strings.

Rammohan B.

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@Rammohan91 it is not showing any Error,
when i double click on .bat file, it should show some results… but it is not showing anything…

@vinod_sagar Can you attach the screenshot of content from within the batchfile? It should basically start UiRobot.exe and run your .xaml file that you added under the batch file.

Just cross check if the path exists.

Rammohan B.

@vinod_sagar "C:\Users\example\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-18.1.4\UiRobot.exe” /file “C:\Users\example\Documents\UiPath\Practice\Main.xaml File”

give above command it will work.


and now its showing an license error…
and i am not able to find ACTIAVTE.EXE in uipath.

please help me.

thank you , its not showing any error…but not able to see any thing.
license error… its showing now…

@vinod_sagar instead of /file u can also use -f

:frowning_face: its not working bro…

@vinod_sagar which one?

its not showing any results… screen will go off…
please help me

@vinod_sagar above command is working na