How to create a cloud account (a new tenant) in new uipath cloud orchestrator

It was simplifies in the meantime :slight_smile: Your services are right there, on the screen you have shown.

You can click Manage on the right for some extra options.

i did not find tha AP

I access !

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Hi @abdel

It looks like it changed a little. Click the drop-down on the left side, next to your Tenant name, and then you will get it here:

I am migrating from other RPA service to Ui Path and I find problems to use the orchestrator.

Specifically, when I try to create a tenant, I receive the following message:

Naturally, by the content message, I presume the Uipath team is already aware but as I could not find any extra information about it and I am still new at the platform, I would like to confirm I am doing nothing wrong. And if there is an expected time to fix the issue.

Thank you in advance and great impressions so far,
Octavio Elliot

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Hi @octavioelliot

Please, do not hesitate to contact our Automation Cloud Support team at this form:

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