How to Countinue StudioX Activities without Error Stopping

If StudioX fails certain activities, I want to run them without stopping.
Using the Read CSV activity in a *.CSV file with StudioX, we are creating an algorithm to import and process data into Excel However, if there is no data in the *.csv file, there will be an error and an outage problem, so is there a setting to try~Catch without interruption to skip the failed activity and continue?
Please Let me know, Thanks :slight_smile:

You can use “Try Catch” activity to handle errors when reading a CSV file and continue the workflow:
Take the try catch activtiy
1.In the “Try” section of the “Try Catch” activity, place the “Read CSV” activity.
2.In the “Catch” section of the “Try Catch” activity, you can place the log message, to display the message like "The csv file doesn’t contains data …

so further it will skip and continue.