How to count the the numbers in the excel cell

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I have to read excel and I want to take a particular column from excel in that each cell have a number like 12345678 AND 1234567 so hear we have two value one is 8 digit and one is 7 digits so in this how-to get to know this i 7 digit or this 8 dight
because the process will change if its 8 digits we have done another process if it’s a 7 digit we have to do another process

Can anyone please help how to count the number ?

Chethan P

Hi @copy_writes

If you are holding these numbers (12345678 AND 1234567) in a variable lets say Digits_count

Digits_count.ToString.Length will give the number of digits in the number and use IF condition to control the flow in the way it is required

Hope this is helpful


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