Check for number of characters in a excel row

I have a row in an excel sheet called NUMBER. I’m using a for each and if statement to check every cell in the row and if that cell only has 7 characters or 5 then it will execute. How would i write the if statment? (if row.(“NUMBER”).ToString.contains 5 characters?)

I’d write:

row(0).ToString.Length = 5 or row(0).ToString.Length = 7

The 0 refers to Column A, you can change it to 1 for Column B, etc. or much better if the data table has headers and you can refer to them by name like

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I Would add the method Trim before Length to eliminate Blanks

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how would you write that out?

im trying to eliminate empty spaces in the excel cells while looking searching cells that have only 7 characters in the cell

@NATHAN_MORA - if you could share a sample spreadsheet (by masking sensitive info) …we could take a look and assist.

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To Trim the row value, you can use below code:


Where “Numbers” is the column name.

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