How to copy column into row (transpose)

I’m looking for a way to do the following;

  1. Copy specific range of column (G5:G61) from Excel file “1”
  2. Paste it to specific range of row (A6:AS6) in Excel file “2”
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Update small change: This is non programmatic approach. Open excel scope, follow below hot key pattern

  1. F5 (src start range)
  2. f5( src end range)
  3. Shift + enter(will select range)
  4. ctrl+c( copy src range)
    Alt+f4(close excel1)
    Open excel2
    5)f5(dest start range)
  5. Alt+Ctrl+V (opens pop up)
  6. E (select transpose)
  7. Enter
    9)ctrl+s (save excel)
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I am sorry but I am unable to follow this approach.Could you please attach a template xaml file. Would be of great help.

Hi @Yama,

Instead of copy/paste you can go for another approach,
Use Read range activity to get the data
use write range activity to write the data.


Ignore the logic, use this.This is for complete excel transpose.

excel_horizontal.xaml (15.2 KB)


But what if 2 rows have a common row name. For eg:

the answer I get is without the ids

and the main “Name” header is in one of the cells.
How do I add the ID column and Merge the two cells to write the “Name”

Please help me in transpose the particular columns to rows.

The sample input data is shown below,

The required/desired output is shown below,

Please help me! Thanks in Adance

Hi @Sanjna

try this.
Transpose.xaml (14.7 KB)
New Microsoft Excel Worksheet.xlsx (9.1 KB)


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But could you please take a closer look at the output pattern we require. There is repetitive entry based on the SA month, we want the output in such away.

Hello @vvaidya

This helped, Thanks :slight_smile:


it worked but i want in specific row like p4 how do i do it?

@Sanjna Hey! I have a similar problem as you did in this post of transposing in that particular format. How did you fix this issue?

Check this file it will be helpful
Project_1.xaml (14.0 KB)

Here i am providing the xlsx file run with it in the above xaml
File.xlsx (8.4 KB)

This worked perfectly for me but I have a second part question for this. I have multiple data tables that I am looking to transpose into one sheet as 1 column…do you have any suggestions to make this 1 merged data table from multiple data tables then transpose it?