How to copy 1st row from excel and add it to last row


I have to copy the 1st row from a excel file and put it in the last row. How do I proceed here.
I tried fetching that row and then using add data row but I get error that the row already exists.


  1. use read row activity and assign output to a variable
  2. use read range activity to read the excel sheet.
  3. use add datarow activity to add the data which is read using read row activity to dataTable(i,e output of read range activity)
  4. Finally write the dataTable to excel

Hi @Manjuts90 ,

Output of read row is only IEnumerable and not data row. So I am unable to use this to the data table.
How do we use this read row activity

Check below attached xaml,It may help you.
let me know if you have any other issues related to this.
empty.xaml (5.6 KB)

@Manjuts90 Convert enumberable to array like below in Array row property of add datarow activity


@Manjuts90 Thanks. It’s done…

@abhyudai_munna Thanks a lot! This also worked for me.