How to convert .xls to .xlsx file

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Below is the solution I was talking about, hope this gives you basic idea.

In my system, following sequence works best, note below images for reference:-

  1. Step 1 → When the excel is open, to go to files (sendhotkey (ALT + F))

  1. Step 2 → to export, (sendhotkey (ALT + E))

  1. Step 3 → to Change file type, (sendhotkey (ALT + C))

  1. Step 4 → to go to Workbook option, (sendhotkey (ALT + Q))

  1. Step 5 → to click on the Workbook option, (sendhotkey (enter))

This is very loud and clear, hope it clears your doubts. You get the window to put your filepath and filename.

Mark as solution if this helps.

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