How to convert word document to PDF without opening them in Uipath

Hi All,

I want to convert word document to pdf without actually opening the document.
Let me know if there is any such way possible.
I am using C# windows platform for this

Thanks in Advance!

Lots of existing posts on how to do this.

Hi @pankaj.chaturvedi ,

Were the UiPath.Word.Activities package was checked ?


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Hi Arpan,

I have used this activity and its is converting fine. Only issue that I observed it is that it probably depends upon the size of the file for the amount of time it take to convert it into PDF.
For 4.5 mb file it took almost 4 to 6 seconds.

So was thinking if we have any better way, in terms of faster execution time, to achieve this.

Thanks for the reply though!

Thank you Paul for your reply.

I went through the post and they have used word activity or some 3rd part API. Also they have used a VB code to convert word to pdf.

I wanted to know if there is any equivalent way of that code in C#, probably can use that since my Project is in C# compatibility.

Hi @pankaj.chaturvedi ,
You can convert word to pdf by word activity ‘save document as pdf’,
what’s error with you
if you can not convert because it open by other process, you can copy it first, then convert word copied file to pdf
hope it help

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