How to convert the scientific notation to numbers for a row item under for each?

Hi guys!

I am now having a row item with all exponentials like 2.42E+13. I want to convert them to numbers to check the number of digits within a range under a row item in for each activity.

Would anyone suggest some ideas on how to achieve the result, please?

Hey @kit2815 !!!
Try using the follow!


Output: 24200000000000

Let me know if it is the correct Output! Hope it helps!!

Hi @gabrielribas4

Many thanks for your reply.

May I know is it also applicable to a row item under for each?

Because I want to convert the whole Column called “Bank Acct No” in a datatable to numbers.

Decimal.Parse(row.Item("Bank Acct No").ToString,System.Globalization.NumberStyles.Any)

Make sure that you are getting the expected Output!

Thanks Gabriel!!!

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