How to Convert string to IEnumerable<>

According to my workflow i am getting the data from the queue which is type of string and i need to loop it using parallel for each which requires type of IEnumerable.
Is there any way to convert string to IEnumerable<> ?

Hi @Tharatharan

Please elaborate.

Do you want to convert the string into array of characters like this

“string” → {“s”, “t”, “r”, “i”, “n”, “g”}

or there is a complete sentence and you want to break it at spaces

“this is string” → {“this”, “is”, “string”}

Hi @Tharatharan
since item ua re using is a queue which is of datatype queueitem, to access its values u had to use

queueitemvariable.GetSpecificContent which is of dictionary type (Key: String, Value:Object)

for that cases, you can try this way
check this workflow for sample
Main.xaml (11.4 KB)

You just need to know how to iterate through a dictionary of String,Object key value pairs

Nived N

i have used queueitemvariable.GetSpecificContent after getting item form the queue but when i use parallel for loop only it shows can’t convert convert string to IEnumerable

Hi try like as below
Main.xaml (10.7 KB)

Nived N