How to convert string format from (12/31/9999 00:00:00) to (31.12.9999)


I have string value as (12/31/9999 00:00:00) and want to convert into (31.12.9999).

Can someone please help




datetime.ParseExact("12/31/9999 00:00:00","MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss",system.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).ToString("dd.MM.yyyy")

Hi @Shiva_Nikhil

you can use this

CDate("12/31/9999 00:00:00").ToString("dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm:ss")

Hi @Mandava_Naresh

Can you try this

inputDate = “12/31/9999 00:00:00”
parsedDate = DateTime.ParseExact(inputDate, “MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss”, System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)
outputDate = parsedDate.ToString(“dd.MM.yyyy”)

Hope this helps

@Shiva_Nikhil … It worked.
Thank you very much

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