How to convert row as column header without duplication and update the values based on the field

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I have some doubt regarding the excel data table, I have the excel data table in below format, where i need to convert the template into another template. any idea?
Given template
Expected template

in the above template,users are becoming the header of the column and based on the user i should update my amount value.

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Will there be additional types for a user? Like, is there a chance of adding type 6 for user A?

Hi, Thanks for the reply. No type is always fixed but there is a change for dates to add up. for example 23.04.2020 the same way type 1 to 5 values will be there for user A,B,C


It’s kind of complicated to explain the workflow so, I created a simple workflow for your reference.

Sample.xaml (13.7 KB) Sample.xlsx (9.6 KB)

Please run it and let me know in case of any modifications.



I am actually getting error when i run it. please find the exception

Can you share your workflow or a screenshot of your workflow? I’m not sure which assign is throwing this error.

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I just ran your sample file and i m getting error in the assign below

Hoping you have used the attached Excel file?

yes i used the same file and have not done any changes yet.

Try this:

colName = row("Users").ToString
amount = row("Amount").ToString
irow(colName) = amount

If this doesn’t work, let me know. I’ll try to share a different workflow.


I am still finding the same error

It’s working for me. I guess the problem is with assign. Since we’re using it inside a loop, it is throwing an error. I’ll share a different workflow, please wait.

Try this workflow: Sample.xaml (15.2 KB)


Did these threads help us on this

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