How to convert multiple worksheets to multiple excel files

There are two worksheets ‘ABC’ and ‘XYZ’ in the Summary file. I just wanted to extract them into 2 excel files ‘ABC’ and ‘XYZ’.

I already have a workflow done up but it only works on my computer but not for the others as I’m not sure where the output files went to.

Sheets to (16.2 KB)

The path to the generated file in your workflow is local so if you put the full path to where you want to store the output it will work. for exemple in your workflow you can do like in the screenshot.image


@Nadia_GHOUFA hey, the expression did not work for me.

@foppishinc - Since there is no path given , it is by default write to the project folder…i.e where your xaml and json is…


So please check under the project folder on the new machine…

Here is an activity called “Copy to file” that it copies the sheet into a file.


Exactly, so you can find them in the project folder or specify a full path to the location where you want to put your files.

@Nadia_GHOUFA I understand but the expression that you have shown in the screenshot does not work.

Do you have access to C:\ in the work machine? if so what’s the error ? The output of your workflow is something like this :

Make sure to put a path that is accessible.