I have an Excel Format file All The Information format that i want to automate is inside in it,
now, i want to copy this Excel format to create new excel while excel name increment by 1, example: Format1,Format2,…

like for an example

FINANCE-INPUT-FILE.xlsx is my Format Excel file

then I want to copy this file and create new excel

while # of new excel file is increment.

Purpose : To Remain Excel format So i can automate new excel made

is it Possible

Please Help.


Hi, @adwas111
Yes it is possible - you can use “Copy file” activity. Please see the below example.

Main.xaml (6.3 KB)

Hope it helps!


hi miss andreia,
it works but saving new copied excel file is on desktop,
how about if original excel file is placed on the folder,
and new copied excel file is on the folder of the folder of original excel file.
how to address file path.


excel file is at the folder of my desktop

and copied excel file must placed on the folder inside the folder of Orig. Excel file

hope you can help me

thank you.

Hey @adwas111

You can just use Create Directory Activity and pass the path where you want to create it.

then you will be able to use the Generated folder path in Copy File Activity Destination Property :slight_smile:


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hi sir aksh1yadav,

thank you for your brilliant idea,
but , to understand well can i ask sample .xaml file.

-thank you !

Hi, @adwas111
Please try the below example. You need to modify the FromPath and ToPath to the path you want your file to be copied from, respectively to the place where you want it copied. Also, they must end in backslash “\”
Main.xaml (8.8 KB)

Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

hi miss andreia

thanks for this

one last question

how to convert int to double
and how to convert string to double.

like for an example

build data table is string format
example :
convert to double

str to double
int to double if build data table is Int Format

Thank you !

Hi, @adwas111
Please see:

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