How to Convert Hindi Language into English Language in EXcel

Hi Team,

I have a Websites which is having Monthly reports as attachment in Excel with Hindi Language.

Every month I need to navigate to website and download the excel attachment and need to extract/Read the data from Excel and convert it into English language.

Please find the screenshot of downloaded excel with hindi data.

Hi @Latika_Bhavani,

Please provide your input Hindi excel we will try for solution.

This is not solution just possible way

1)Read Hindi excel and kept in datatable
2)Convert datatable to string or string array
3)Pass the string to google translate api like blow code

String word=β€œβ€;
var toLanguage = β€œhi”;//Hindi
var fromLanguage = β€œen”;//English
var url = $β€œ{fromLanguage}&tl={toLanguage}&dt=t&q={HttpUtility.UrlEncode(word)}”;
var webClient = new WebClient
Encoding = System.Text.Encoding.UTF8
var result = webClient.DownloadString(url);

4)we can take the result and write or append in new excel

Omkar P


For this I have used Language Translator and able to covert it from Hindi to English,

Simple workflow attached for (29.2 KB)


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