How to convert excel file (.xlsx) to .prn format


I am trying to convert excel file to prn file.

I tried with extension change method, it is not giving expected result.

Please help me here.

Thanks in advance.

Did you try with “Rename file” activity?

Here you will have to Uncheck “keep extension” and it will give you the extension youn wanted to get.
Edit: in “path” you have to give it your file path.

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Thanks for your reply.

I tried this. prn file created but data is not in readable format.

If I manually try with save as & then select prn as format type, it works fine.

Maybe I need VBA code here.

Why can’t you replicate the same in automation.Change Excel file to PRN file

I tried VBA code mention on the link. But getting error…

Hello @Jayesh_678
Try Copy file actvity
Select the file and copy to same or different location and provide Filename with prn extension


Not works for me.

Any VBNet code?

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