How to convert csv file to dictionary in uipath

but where is the output

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Hi @Monali_Vekariya

Please check the following videos:

Read CSV into datatable
For Each Row in Datatable

  • Assign myDict(CurrentRow(“Name”).ToString) = CurrentRow(“Value”).ToString

could you help me
to do these project please


Assign myDict(CurrentRow(“Name”).ToString) = CurrentRow(“Value”).ToString

is just a shortened repetition of already mentioned

Also illustrated

The general modelling should be clear and in your submission you did it also.

Here you can do the following within your XAML.

Change variable Scope to higher level:

  • Place a comment on the end and set a breakpoint.
  • Debug and get paused

Now you can insect the result within the different debug panels (we shared also a helping link for this above)


We do feel as we can see the dictionary that the topic is cleared and can be also closed:
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