How to convert column values from ddmmyyyy to ddmmmyyyy without loop for single column

I have datatable with 20000-30000 datarows and more than 50 columns and want to convert one column values from ddmmyyyy to ddMMMyyyy i.e. if 10-05-2020 then 10-May-2020 without loop.

Sample datatable:

Want to convert DOB column to below format.
Output dt:

Kindly note this is sample datatable, actual DT contains more than 20000-30000 rows and more than 50 columns.

Hi @Mansi_Mhatre

You can try with Change cell format activity

Alternative method with looping

Try this expression





Hi @Mansi_Mhatre ,

Could you Provide us with a Clarification, Do you want to Update the Column Value in Excel into the Different Date format or do you want to convert the Date values in Datatable to different format?

If the Former, and if we are flexible to use VBA, then we can Check the below Example Workflow :
Here the VBA is used to Convert the Column Date from dd-MM-yyyy to dd-MMM-yyyy.

Change Column (11.2 KB)

But if you have to Convert the Datatable Column into the different date format, Could You let us know why ?

For Comparison’s of Date values we can perform it while comparing using DateTime.ParseExact() or CDate()

Hi @Mansi_Mhatre

Please check if the Attached code works for you.

Thanks (7.4 KB)