How to convert an object type variable to Uipath.Core.Browser type variable

Hi ,

Can any one suggest me how to convert an object variable to Uipath.Core.Browser type variable.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @Rajeswari24

click variables tab in down click variable type drop down click browse for types


Type name enter Uipath.Core.Browser and click ok type will be change.

Kommi Jeevan.


I have an output variable whose type is Object. I want to convert that to Browser Type.
For example-
config(“browserType”) - this variable type is object , i want that to convert to Uipath.Core.Browser

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Hi :slight_smile:!
Same issue here. We want to use Config(“myBrower”) to transport Browser from one .xaml to another one.
How to cast Object --> Browser ?


Did you find a way to do that? I would like to do that too