How to convert "2022-04-11 18:55:00 CT" String Date format to "Mar 11 2022, 18:55 CST"

How to convert “2022-04-11 18:55:00 CT” String Date format to “Mar 11 2022, 18:55 CST”

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Date parsing is not complicated but is extense. These documents will help resolving this and future date formatting needs.

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Did you mean April 11 in the second format?

I have created a workflow to assist you. Take a look here. Main.xaml (6.8 KB)
Note: Inputs in Red. Result in Orange.

I have referenced the Date Formats found here:
DateTime Format In C# (

Steps undertaken:
Step 1: I had to remove the “CT” first.
Step 2: I then used CDate(Inputstring).tostring(Insert Date Format)
Step 3: Log output and validate result.

Take a look at this great post also:

Hopefully this helps :blush:



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Thank you very much useful… I was able to convert it. Thanks for all the efforts you put in der…

Thanks a lot for the info

Hey @Zara_Yasmin

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Done… Thank you!!

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