How to connect to MS Teams channel and download files from the channel(Files) Tab. Not from chats, from Teams Channel(Files) Tab

Hi All,

I have been trying to understand how to download files from Teams Channel(Files Tab). Though I have got to know an article which says will help download from Teams chats.
But in my requirement we have managed all Bot required folders in a Teams Channel(Files) Tab. How I am currently doing is:

  1. connect to Microsoft Office 365 scope
  2. Pass the sharepoint URL and drivename in Find Files and Folders activity.

However, getting error as - Access denied. So, wanted to know if somebody has ever done it. If so, it will be of a great help to know how to achieve it.

Thanks in Advance!

That’s the way to do it. “Access denied” mean there is some kind of rights issue. Could you refer to this guide Activities - Setup - if O365 is setup in correct way? I guess it could be because of missing API permissions.

Hi @pankaj.chaturvedi

You can check the Azure App Details if they are the correct ones when working with the O365 scope, you have given valid Application ID and Tenant ID, since that would be necessary while working with it.

So my doubt is If my appllicationID and secret are working for a sharepoint site in the same organization (for other SharePoints). Will the same AppID, ,Secret, Tenant not work to get connected to Teams sharepoint?.

Yeah, so I have got another SharePoint in my org and Bot is able to establish connection well to that SharePoint. However, it says access denied when try to connect to Teams Channel(Files) tab.

I doubt if the same keys are not working for Teams when accessed as a SharePoint Site.

Let me know

They should work, I have experience of it.

yeah, so its where i see the error as access denied. I am also working with my internal team who helped setups sharepoints in Azure.

thanks for the info!

I had it worked out by these steps:

  1. Get the Teams app registered as a SharePoint in Azure
  2. Get new AppID and Secret & Tenant value is going to be same across organization. So no need to change Tenant value.
  3. Connect to Teams using O365 scope activity.

Even though your organization had been using a sharepoint - you cannot connect to Teams channel as a sharepoint using those same AppID and Secret.

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