How to Connect MongoDB for Uipath Studio

Is there any possible way to connect with MongoDB using UiPath.

@ajkv, how you connect with MangoDB in manual way ?
capture those steps, you can incorporate same into UiPath for repeated actions.

How to connect Uipath to MongoDB?

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i can not understand

MangoDB documentation is hear
Please read this documentation and you will get steps how to connect.
Once you get steps then you can create same steps in UiPath to make MangoDB connectivity.


You may use Invoke Code activity:


try writing a C# script in visual studio to connect to a MongoDB. if everything works, then try calling this script using the invoke code activity, or write your custom activity implementing the script written in visual studio.

there are many tutorials on writing a custom activity. It is very useful since many times there are no implemented solutions that fully fill your needs. and writing a custom activity might be your only choice.


there are activities for most of operations with MongoDB, and with one exception: Update the entry in the database, but it is solvable by C# invoke code, I created this tutorial (also with video and example workflows):

how to add mongodb package . Unable to find it .

Also in invoke code activity when trying to add code getting
getting end of statement expected in var client

(2) RPA Fridays #25 - UiPath & MongoDB - YouTube

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