How to configure docusign application scope using OAuthJWT?


Please find the below steps to configure

  1. Kindly copy the JWT template(Setup) and save the file extension as “. json”
  2. Kindly login to (
  3. Click on the profile and select Myapps & Keys.

  1. If your login for first time, click on “Add app and integration key” and provide app name.
  2. Kindly generate client secret by clicking “add secret key” button under authentication label.


  1. Kindly generate private and public key by clicking “Generate RSA” button.


  1. Kindly provide below url under redirect uri’s section and click on save

  1. Kindly open saved json template file and modify as per below
    “typ”: “JWT”,
    “alg”: “RS256”,
    “iss”: "3662508e-851e-4b16-b5b0-xxxxxxxxxxxx”, (Kindly copy Integration key)
    “sub”: "0099b00b-990f-4666-98d7-xxxxxxxxxxxx”, (Kindly copy User ID)
    “aud”: “”,
    “scope”: “signature impersonation”,
    “privatekey”: “your private key text” (Kindly copy the private key)



Error: - While executing docusign application scope. If your facing application consent error. Kindly follow below steps to avoid this error.

&scope=YOUR_REQUESTED_SCOPES (signature impersonation)
&client_id=YOUR_INTEGRATION_KEY (Integration key)
&redirect_uri=YOUR_REDIRECT_URI (

Note: - Kindly please add the related information and paste it in chrome browser and hit enter. It will navigate to allow access page. Kindly click on allow.

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