How to concatinate the two string?

Hi All,

I need to concatenate the strings using the 3 columns i.e initial E&M, ICD, CPT(column name)
I need to concatenate three columns as above mentioned with /(forward slash) and write the concatenated value to .
To achieve this we need to apply some rules like:
if any columns like initial E&M or CPT column is empty we dont want to concatenate with ICD column
for example:
if not empty we need to concatenate.
excel is attached for the reference please do the needful.

Concatinate.xlsx (8.5 KB)

Hi @Vrishchik

Try this

Assuming the columns are A (Initial E&M), B (ICD), and C (CPT), and the concatenated values will be in column D:

In cell D1, enter the following formula: =IF(OR(A1=“”,C1=“”),B1, A1&“/”&B1&“/”&C1)

This formula checks if either column A or column C is empty. If either is empty, it only concatenates column B. Otherwise, it concatenates all three columns with a forward slash (/) as a separator.

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@Vrishchik ,
Check this workflow (2.0 KB)



How about the following? (9.8 KB)

BTW, how should we handle if there is comma in ICD column? It seems unclear from the sample.