How to Compare Two Datatable and Make Control

Hi all,

I have two datatable like them.



They have two common columns. Unit and Code.

I need to compare them with these two columns. If value of “Code” and “Unit” columns of these two datatables are same; then robot must take the value in the last column of the second table.

I have just try that with two for each row activity with this two datatable but can not do that.

Is there anyone who know how can i do that?

Hi @mazlumkacar,

can you provide input sample excel sheet with required output also…!


do you want output like above, pls confirm…!


Hey, i want to output just like “2”. i mean output should be row(“Supplier”).ToString

however, this assignment should be made only for lines with the same Unit and Code values.


datatableCompare.xaml (8.2 KB) tableCompare.xlsx (9.4 KB)

Try this…! @mazlumkacar


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