How to compare two column from sheet 1 to another two column from sheet 2 and check condition to meet.?

hello everyone,

The scenario is: I need to compare column A & B from sheet 1 to column B & C from sheet 2 and check if column A&B = column B&C , if condition is satisfied, Program should grab the value corresponding to iterating cell which is from column “D” sheet 2 and assign in column “C” sheet 1. Else if condition is not matched, it should leave the cell empty. This process should repeat until the total Row from sheet 1.

Please help me with logic, and which activities will be useful.

@Prabin_Chand Can you please share your excel file, That will help to understand logic more perfectly. (63.5 KB)
Please refer to this.

Main.xaml (15.5 KB)
DO planning report.xlsx (63.7 KB)

I think this is your expected output.

Let me know if you have any query.


Hi ,

The left outer join can be used and you can retrieve only the Required columns in Datatable as per your requirement.

@Prabin_Chand Hope it is Working.

Nope, that’s not the solution i was expecting for.

I just need to assign the row as empty in build data table while iterating if condition is not matched.

Do you Want to add one more column of Build DT in Sheet1?

Thanks eveeryone for your time and support. I got the solution

@Prabin_Chand , Please do describe the Solution that you have received if it is other than the above provided solutions, so that you could mark the solution and close the Topic.