How to compare two cells in excel?

how to compare two cells having same data type in excel?

Hi @Sravani1
Can you explain this further?
Because there are many approaches for this one.
However, if you just want to compare two static cells, you just need to use Read Cell activity twice inside an Excel Application Scope.
Then you may now use conditions to compare it.
For example, in Read Cell (first instance), the result is stored in variable result1 and the same with Read Cell (second instance) but stored in variable result2.
You may use an If activity: the condition may be result2.ToString = result1.ToString


Yeah it is working.Thank you

Hi @Sravani1,
Here you have the simplest way to compare two cells:
Main.xaml (5.4 KB)
Hope that this will help :wink:

Good to hear that!
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