How to compare three Data Tables

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I need help , I have 2 sheet A and B , i need to compare or match the 3 column

like this example :

If StudentA column in sheet A is matching with StudentB in sheet B AND Grade is also matching them which is in in sheet A then,

update Status column of Both A and B- Working sheet

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You can 2 nested loops (For Each Row) to check all rows of sheetA and sheetB’s dataTable

yes i do that but i get this error “message”: “Add Data Row: Input array is longer than the number of columns in this table.”,

First i create three Read Rang with three data table ,

then i create the For Each Row and inside the For i create Add data row ,

this the Array Row the Error is hear but i do not how i can solve that


how many columns do you datatables have?
it seems to be that you create datatable wih only 1 column but you’re trying to add 2 data value into row.
You can use add data column activity to add more column

i have 2 data table and i need to compare that ant put the result in the one column

send me your sample data and your code

Thank you for you I solve the problem