How to compare mail subject line with attachments?

Please help me to build logic subject line compare with attachments present into this mail.
in present mail pdf attachments are present .jpg file is present which shows in attached screenshot. Image is considered as .jpg file. How can I fix that issue ?


I want to required only PDF files, Image files not required, please help me to handle exception into this proocess


Trying to download only PDF files?
then you can apply filter in save attachments activity

hi @Divyanshu_Divyanshu
Yes,Trying to download only PDF files. Please tell me comparison logic .

You don’t have to compare you can directly download only PDF files
Use below activity

Messsage - Mailmessage
Folder - “Where you want to save”
Filter - “.*(.pdf|.PDF)”
Attachments - Innumerable — Output

This will only save PDF attachments

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