How to compare 2 differnt columns in 2 datatables

Hi guys,

I have one excel having “swc” column and one more excel with “noteClli” column i need to compare values from “swc” column to"noteClli" problem is “swc” column contains only 3 values but “noteclli” column contains 151 values. I have taken for each loop and tried but its looping times, is there any other way to do this. Kindly suggest.


Hi @thima

Based on for each
Give equals condition in true you can give break activity


Kindly try with LOOKUP DATATABLE activity

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Hi @thima, this is a frequently asked question so please spend sometime on the forum to find the answer before posting. Anyway please refer below link -


you can use lookup datatable activity.

I tried lookup datatable its showing up null values and writing index as -1 can please share sample xaml file using lookup datatable activity