How to color if values is available and write match in other column

how to color if values from column F (which as No Headers) matches with column B and write match in column D


you can create a condition and then use the following activity

Also if you do not wish to use excel application scope then you can create a VBA code and run that as a script.

Hi rahul,

Thank you for your reply,

I am new to uipath can u pls tell me what to write in IF condition because both column B and F values will be changing every time when this file is created.

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Made a quick workflow, this will help you to understand. Happy automating! (9.3 KB)

Thank you Rahul for your quick response

Can u pls correct me where i did mistake color was not highlighting in Excel (1.0 MB)

I couldn’t find a case that fits your initial question. Can you just send a sample of the excel with the part of the workbook that you are working with instead of the full workflow?


Hi Charbel,
pls check this one (634.8 KB)

Actually, I can able to write the not available values in the “Q3” cell by comparing material columns “B” & “J” but I want instead of writing in other cells. I want just to highlight the values which are not available in the column “J” compare to column “B”

Hi Charbel,

I hope I have cleared your doubt, if not please let me know…

I’m checking the workflow👍

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Okay, I think I understood what you mean.

Is this the result that you want:
Book1.xlsx (24.0 KB)

Here are the updates that I made:

  1. Copied the same Read Range that you previously used for DT2. (The Read Range of the J column)
  2. In For Each Row, I changed dtoutput to result_Notmatched
  3. Changed value in assign activity to intff+2


Hi Charbel,
Let me try from my side and can you pls attach xaml file if possible
and is it possible to write as “NEW” in column P as below (623.1 KB)
I changed some stuff in the paths, so just copy the part that I updated.

For the “NEW” part, you can use this Write Cell activity:

The cell value is:

"P" + intcellv.ToString
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Hi Charbel,


Thank you so so much

It works perfectly …

You’re more than welcome!

Feel free to tag me in case you have any additional questions.

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