How to click all checkboxes at once on the website

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I wish to click all the checkboxes on the screen at once, clicking one by one is taking a lot of time, since there could be 200+ like checkboxes. And need to click both of ‘Accessory’ and ‘Supply’. Please let me know on any ideas.
Attaching sample image.


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A strategy could be to get all checkboxes with find children activity and click it within a loop over the found checkboxes

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Hi @Neha_Kumari1

There is no way to do it. We need to use click activity for all the checkbox.

Just try Ctrl+A followed by Enter do you have any changes

Can you tell us if you can do it Once Manually?


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Hello @Neha_Kumari1

Here you dont need to separately capture the click activity. You can keep 2 click activities, one for Accessory and 1 for Supply.
Then use a loop.

So the click activity you need to make dynamic by dynamically changing the value of attribue idx or rowNum in the selector. So it willnot take much time to complete the selection of checkboxex.

Click activity (pass the value of i to selector idx)


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Hi @ppr, @Gokul001 , @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

Thanks for responding :))

@ppr, I just tried with your suggested way, it was not able to click all. I tried it in the following pattern
Main.xaml (9.4 KB)

@Gokul001 , Ctrl+A followed by Enter key isn’t working manually, maybe because there are other columns in the table as well, and it is selecting everything with Ctrl+A

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan , I was doing similar way, with two click activities, one for Accessory and one for Supply, in a loop, by giving counter, with a simulate click. But since it’s still one by one, it’s taking time.

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If no other approaches are working then you can try by giving a smaller delay in the click activity. It will help to override the default delay of activity and you can try with simulate click.

I hope these can reduce the total timing.


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would also be the case by looping over the find children. The strategy is to make compact and dynamic the implementation to loop and 2 check activities. But also it will not be a single shot action.

But lets racap the situation:

  • a human does not have this option 1 click - all checked would do it manually, right?
  • a bot cannot use a non existing 1 click- check all and would mimic the check all boxe with approaches from above

Technically you can think about to send a helper java script to the area by using Invoke JS Script activity. But same it would loop over all check boxes.

From technically traceability and BlockBox ratings we would have tendence to use an approach more inside in UiPath


Kindly note:
the filter was not set and regulating the children to look for
the find scope was not set to FIND_DESCENDANTS as it has also to look for not direct children

we also have a check activity

when box was checked in advanse then click unchecks - the check activity instead targerts the configured check status

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Thanks @Rahul , yes that might help.

Thanks for correcting @ppr
Sorry, wasn’t much familiar with Find Children Activity :sweat_smile:
Yes, got your points, we can’t do the expected unless we’ll have that 1 click- check all button, and it could automate that way, only if it could be performed the similar way manually. Would see with a helper java script also, it would anyway reduce the time taken by a little no

when webpage allows (try it) set the timeout of of click / check activity to a smaller value.
we did often with sucess in our projects (1500, 2500…) and achieved a speed-up

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