How to Clear Excel Sheet Cell values

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Could any one suggest a way for deleting Excel sheet cell values after processing. Here I am using an excel sheet in my automation, for one rotation its working fine. While the loop is rotating for the second time, Previous values which i used are presenting there only. Is there any way to delete excel chell values or to close the file without saving(As in its intial state it wont have any excel values).

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Select the dell range and send keystroke “del” as specialkey.

OR always take an blank excel template and save it with the new excel name

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The easiest way to clear all cells in a spreadsheet is to write a macro and call it from within UiPath :smile:

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Use Write cell option. Give the sheet name “sheet1” and Range for ex. “A2:D25”.
Below field input “”. It will clear the contents in an given range


But if you use after AppendRange activity it would start from After cleared cells. And it’s annoying.

Could you please elaborate.
Using write cell option you can clear the contents of an cells.

And before clearing the cells you get the row or last row details and then give that last row details in append range.

Would you agree that given answers are a workaround to simple activity that is missing? Or I can’t find it?

What if my Excel, that I’m trying to clear, is Dynamic? My range is from A2:F(?) → (could be 100, could be 10000). I want to clear everything after A2 and replace it with new data.

Since we don’t have a way to find last filled row, another missing activity (I believe) - what other options do we have?