How to check whether the page is loaded or not?

Hi all, i have used a attach browser activity, how to check whether the page is loaded or not, don’t use element exists, could any one please suggest me the solution… Thank you…

Hi @Vanitha_VS ,
You can use the get attribute and wait attribute actions in modern design for alternative of Elements exists activity.

Is there any properties in attach browser activity itself

Thank you for your suggestion…


You can try using check app state from the modern activities


Within the attach browser activity itself you cann’t check this one. You can go with Attribute method or Get app stage actions inside the attach browser scope.


if there is not Any savior issue With Element Exists than you can,
use element exist with in while loop
While loop Condition : ElementexistVariable.Equals(False)
element exist Selector : Attach Browser’s Selector

I hope it will works

I have used Get attribute activity inside attach browser activity, in get attribute use “readyState” in attribute section.

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