How to check the time between the 12am to 6am?

In my process, before taking action i need to check the current time is between 12am to 6am.
can someone help me, how do check the current time is between 12am to 6 am or not? using “decision” acitivity or any other way around.

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You can use a flow decision or an if condition
Now> DateTime.Parse(Now.toString(“MM-dd-yyyy 00:00:00”)) and Now<DateTime.Parse(Now.toString(“MM-dd-yyyy 06:00:00”))



Hi @verma.vishal, welcome to the Community.

You can use the following condition to determine the above specified condition:

Now.TimeOfDay >= New TimeSpan(0, 0, 0) AndAlso Now.TimeOfDay < New TimeSpan(6, 0, 0)


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Thanks for your help, its working as expected

Thanks for the solution, both of solution are working fine in my case

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