How to check if the file is uploaded to a website successfully

I have to download an excel file from a website (portal). Before downloading it I have to check if it exists (has been uploaded successfully). How can I do that on uiPath?

@BoBo - if website list all uploaded documents with timestamp/last uploaded time - do a data scrap of the specific data section and perform the verification.
for a better solution - pls share a few screenshots - how page appear before download/upload.

The file uploaded does not contain timestamp on it. I cant share the screenshot of the website due to security reason. But basically we’ll have a search box and after entering the file name it’ll show the result (file is exists or not). So I intent to make a IF condition here. What am I confusing here is how can I get the condition (what should be the variable) for the IF?

Do you have any idea or another approach?


As you said you have will get the result after entering the file name to search box

Use Get Text activity and match with the file name of the website and the filename value which you uploaded

If matched then it is matched, else not

Hope this helps you


@Srini84 I have thought about this previously, but I think it does not work well.

After entering the file name, if the file exists then it will return the result. If I use the result as a variable (by using get text activity like you mentioned above), and use it as a condition of IF. So it will fail in case the search result returns no file (the get text activity is failed because it works before IF). Does that match with your idea?


OK, you can try with Element exist before using Get Text

Hope this may helps you


Yes you’re right. I’ve tried with Element Exists and it worked well.

Thank you so much for your help.

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