How to check if a string contains a letter

I would like to use the activity “verify expression” is checked if a string contains letters.

Ex: var1 : " 500 %pro ” 1,50€ "

I would like the “verify expression” to be true if var1 contains no letter and if var1 contains at least one letter, to be false. But I don’t know what she looks like.
Thank you for your answers

give a try on
Not Regex.IsMatch(YourStringVar, "\D")

ensure following:

I tried but if my variable is equal to: 5.00% 2,90 €, the expression is still false.

then we just adopt the regex pattern e.g. to

As an alternate we can also do:

Not YourStringVar.Any(Function (x) Char.IsLetter(x))

Thank you for your responsiveness and response!
I entered the expression Not Regex.IsMatch(YourStringVar, "[A-Za-z]") and it works.

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