How to check how long did the process take?

I want to know via Orchestrator - how long did a specific process take to complete?
Also, is this piece of information retrieveable via API requests?

To determine how long a specific process took to complete in UiPath Orchestrator, you can retrieve the execution details using the Orchestrator API. The API provides endpoints to query and obtain information about job executions, including their start and end times.

To retrieve the execution details of a specific process, you can make a GET request to the /odata/Jobs endpoint with appropriate filters. The filters may include the process name, start time range, or other relevant parameters.

Here’s an example of how you can retrieve the execution details of a specific process using the UiPath Orchestrator API:

  1. Get an access token: First, you need to obtain an access token by authenticating with the Orchestrator API. This token will be used to authorize subsequent API requests.
  2. Retrieve job details: Once you have the access token, you can make a GET request to the /odata/Jobs endpoint, providing the necessary filters to narrow down the search. For example, you can filter by the process name and sort the results by the end time in descending order to get the most recent execution.The request URL might look like:
GET /odata/Jobs?$filter=ProcessName eq 'YourProcessName'&$orderby=EndTime desc&$top=1

  1. Extract execution time: In the response, you will receive details about the job, including the start time (StartTime) and end time (EndTime). By calculating the difference between the start and end times, you can determine how long the process took to complete.

Please note that the specific implementation details and API endpoints may vary depending on the version of UiPath Orchestrator you are using. Therefore, it’s recommended to refer to the official UiPath Orchestrator API documentation for the exact endpoints and parameters relevant to your version.

Remember to handle any error responses from the API and ensure that you have the necessary permissions to access the job execution details in Orchestrator.

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Thank you so much for a detailed answer, friend.

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