How to check compatibility of studio and orchestrator

How can i check minimum version of orchestrator compatibility of 2022.10 studio version.
And like wise maximum version of studio supported by orchestrator 2020.10

thank @ppr just to be confirmation orchestrator 2020.10.x is not supported to studio 2022.10.x ?
is my understanding is correct.

i am not able to see studio supported to orchestrator 2020.10.x version.

Always clear before which Orchestrator: Standalone, Automation Suite…

where did you find this statement in the matrix?

standalone orchestrator.

i didnt find any statement in the matrix but their is no column for orchestrator 2020.10.x version so i assume that orchestrator 2020.10.x is not compatible to studio 2022.10.x version.


i want to know
1.which all studio version is supported to orchestrator 2020.10.x?
2. Does studio 2022.10.x is supported to orchestrator 2020.10.x?

Link: Overview - Compatibility Matrix

maybe we are mistaking you but looks like this:

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