How to change excel column to show date values instead of numbers

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posting again !!
I am searching for a way to change the excel column values from “numbers” to “Date values”. (ex: 41004 to 16/01/2019)
This happens because I have used filter data table and reduced the number of columns. The output data table is showing “numbers” instead of “dates”.

I am able to do this using the “text to columns” feature in excel manually. Is there an activity for the same ?

Please help

You can convert the OLE Date (i.e. 41004) to a readable date value.

Check the solution here:


Thank You. This helps.
I solved it by using “preserve format” while creating data table.

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Good! Preserve format is slow tho if you are working on large set of data with various formattings (i.e. cell color, cell font).

You may also opt to change the excel column format from custom/number/general to text before reading the file if possible. The date value will not be converted to floating number when it is transferred in a datatable.

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