How to change a column type in data table


Sorry for reposting topic, but I have failed to find out decision for my situation.

I get some data from xls and have to split it to several files.
To divide I use Filter DataTable activity that does not work correctly, because there is something wrong in column type of the first column. The first column is based on Line numbers.

I found out the similar topic How to change the data type of a column in data table , but I failed to apply presented recommendations. (CopyToDataTable is not a member of System.Array)

What’s wrong I am doing?

Files in attach.
in_orbis_by.xlsx (13.5 KB)
Main.xaml (13.4 KB)

Thanks in advance

i modified your code…this will work.,go through it

input.AsEnumerable().Where(Function ( r) (cint(r(“ID”))+file_number)<100 ).CopyToDataTable

Main (6).xaml (17.6 KB)


Thanks a lot.

I would like to learn in detail about this constraction: “input.AsEnumerable().Where(Function (r) (cint(r(“ID”))+file_number)<100 ).CopyToDataTable”.

Where can I read about it ?

Hi @Andrey78

Its linq Lambda expression. you just go through some linq queries

Thanks for your support.

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