How to catch the error and display it in message box which will be raised while giving wrong email id in the email id field?

Hi ,
can anyone help me to get this output?

From this I need to catch that error which is arising from the email id field when giving invalid email and display that error in message box?

Hey @indhu.p01,

First you need to check the element exist for this error message and if it exists then use the gettext activity and display the returned value in the message box and you are done.

-Check element Exist for this error message using element exist
-Use Get Text Activity to get the error text
-Display in the message box

Hi buddy @indhu.p01
–use type into activity and try to type the email id you have
–once after that use image exists activity and scrape the image image
–then if this image exists, use screen scrapping option from design tab in studio with which we can scrape the text that appears down to the email field
–or we can use anchor base activity with image Email in red color as anchor with Find image activity in the left side and in the right use screen scrapping to get the text that appears

Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @indhu.p01


Am getting this error…!!

I tried and am getting empty message box …what may be the mistake?

can i have a view on the xaml if possible buddy
Cheers @indhu.p01

Yes sure.
Monster India.xaml (18.2 KB)

Hey @indhu.p01,

I have modified your xaml.Please give it a try and do let me know if the issue still persist.Monster India.xaml (22.7 KB)

yes I tried but now am not getting the message box.

Hi @amarasto
Am getting the same error of the screenshot which is posted before.

Hey @indhu.p01,

I did some more changes in the flow.Please try this.

Monster India (1).xaml (25.0 KB)

It is working for me now without any issue.

yes it is working for me also…can you please send me the screenshot of image exists activity and Get text activity? only To check whether I have indicated the fields exactly or not…


Here you go…

Thankyou for helping me to sort out this.

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Hey @indhu.p01,


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