How to calculate rows and add to in Total column

Hey Folks. i’m new to UiPath. while practicing in Excel automation. i struck here.

well, get in to the question

PFA below. if you can see that you can easily understand my query without saying a word.

if you cant understand please let me know.

what i done so far.

step1:- excel application scope
step2:- read range
step3:- for each in data table
step 4:- inside the body Assign Update(type int32)= Convert.ToInt32(row(3).ToString)
step5:- Assign NotUpdated(type int32)= Convert.ToInt32(row(4).ToString)
step6:- Assign ind(type int32) = Convert.ToInt32(row(5).ToString)
step7:- Assign Total(type int32) =Convert.ToInt32(row(2).ToString)
step8:-{Here i’m getting the error} write line=Convert.ToInt32(row(Total).ToString)=Convert.ToInt32(row(Updated)+row(NotUpdated)+row(ind).ToString
step9:- excel application scope
step10:- write range

the error is:- Option strict on prohibits of type object for operator ‘+’

i don’t know whether this pattern is correct or not but i did with my own. if any corrections regarding this please let me know and i’ll update the table.

YSR_BHIMA.xlsx (9.5 KB)


Are you trying to update Total Column cells by adding other 3 columns, is this your case ?


test.xaml (6.8 KB)

Try this.

In your case it should be written as
row(Total)=Updated+ NotUpdated+ind

in which step i need to keep this? i kept this after 7th step it is showing me that i didn’t declared those column names. please can you help me in that


To achieve this task you have to use only 8 th step.

If you want to do with variable then
just use it as row(Total)=Updated+NotUpdated+ind

where Updated,NotUpdated,ind are integer varaibles.


You have to write it as row(“Total”) instead of Row(Total)

“Total” is the name of Column i have used

And also remove second last assign , not sure why you have used it.


Check below screenshot for you reference

test.xaml (8.2 KB)

i done the same still issue not resolved.


share your code, let me check

Excel.xaml (14.4 KB)

please do needful.


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Hey you also want total in the end or just D ,E,F total in C.

only c. means D+E+F IN C

thanks and regards

Excel.xaml (18.5 KB)
YSR_BHIMA.xlsx (10.3 KB)

Kindly check now.
Let me know if you face any issue.

Last line you can generate dynamically if it’s not present in Sheet 1 then just uncomment Add Data Row Activity.

Thanks for your Time and help.
i’m getting some errors. i’ll be get in touch with you on monday.

thanks & regards

Ok np.

Try to use the same xaml I have shared it’s working fine. You just need to give your file path only.


Thank you so much for your valuable time. it is now working fine.

once again thank you so much